Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back To Spring

Hi All

Spring is back on track after the big flood. The water was dropped a few days ago and was getting kinda clear. Then we got a good rain Monday night and showers on Tuesday and back up to the red line yesterday at Green Cottage..The red line gage water was very fishable yesterday and to me means use caution especially when wading..I think it has leveled off and started to drop already. It was just some heavy showers..The river had a nice stain yesterday. The lawn is getting green and the bulbs are starting to bloom.

Fishing has remained strong. Last week was really busy with make up trips from the flood and the water became a wadeable level without arctic temps for the first time. So we were busy..Streamer fishing has picked up and Steelhead fishing remains good. The fish are not the bright fresh ones but they are feisty with the warmer water. Dropback fishing is good as well. Don't be surprised if you get a few of them each day as well. The dropback Steelhead are hungry,hungry hippos..Eating there way back to the lake..They don't miss to many meals..

Some friends started picking morel mushrooms. Turkey season has begun for the second season and the first season is over already. Jeff and I went out for a ride on our dirt bikes the other day. It was going good till I got stuck 12 miles from the truck..Never been stuck in quick sand before. Sand and water was running down a hillside and  filled in a wash out, I come along and got buried in wet loose sand on a hillside..As it rained the hole kept filling in with water and more sand.. 4 hours later I was out with the help of a shovel and my 4x4 quad with tow straps..Kinda of a mess and this was on the 50" ATV trail, not off the trail. So be careful, this last Winter/ Spring has not only effected the rivers but the woods too..

Tight Lines

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