Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Salmon Run

Hi All

It has been a better run than last season so far. The Salmon have had decent rains to help cool and stain the water some to help migration. We have been lacking cool air temps. The colder it gets at night and keeping the daytime highs under 70 really helps the bite window last longer than 9 or 10 a.m.. That has been the only issue is 75 to 85-90 deg. days during this past early season... When it warms up those fish go down and lay on the bottom to stay cool or keep up migration till they find a spring pumping out cool water..

So this warmer weather has pushed a bunch of fish up stream to stage mid and upper river closer to the better springs. About a week to 10 days ago a bunch of those early fish jumped gravel and are spawning..Good news for fishermen that like to watch spawning activity. There are still more fish in the holes staging than spawning. Fish are spread out through the whole system with all the extra water we have had. That is good news for future fish.

It is all working... Lures, skein, flies in every section of river.. The numbers are not the good old days but much better than last year...

We have some good guide dates left ...October 6,7,10,11,14, 17-24th..
Please call 231-745-6667 if interested in a room or a guided trip..Trip Rates are $275 Half day and $400 Full day..

Sorry haven't been taking too many pictures or the clients have them on there phones ! Here is Danny with a 20lber..

Thank You

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Salmon Season Is Here !

Hi All

Like every year we kick off the Salmon season in the lower river...Timing is about the same every year..I started looking around after a big rain August 21 st. with no bites that a.m...On the 23 rd. I invited friends Russ and Jen out and Jen put a whopping on them and Russ and I did a bunch of long distant releases..So it started about a week ago and has been pretty steady down there..No super duper gang buster days but you can catch/ hook... Salmon and Pike down there for sure...they are lurking...

Had a trip down there August 26th. for a a.m. half day and were 2 for 6..2 to net, 2 to log jams, 2 unbuttoned...not bad action from 7 to 10a.m...Casting lures and flies for Kings, Steelhead, and Trout is a favorite for me...Love the fly fishing but nothing wrong with a lure/ fly chasing, striking fish period !! Fish eat fish world...Big fish meet little fish and CHOMP...

Pulling my 251 Baha Cruiser today and taking it to get winterized..Sad day...But river fishing is good enough to put my time in on the river vs the lake...Had a fun season for 13 weeks on the lake and another season of trolling experience...

I have some good days open Sept.18,19,27,28  for the middle of King Salmon season...Give us a call 231-745-6667 or email .We have some great dates open and rooms as well.. Full days are $400.00 , Half  $275.00

Have a great Salmon Season...

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Fun !!

Hi All

Long time no write...I'll go back a while to May..Got my big lake boat ready (washed ,waxed,clean, launched)..Went out on Capt. Sean McDonalds, KatchMe boat and Capt. Jon Kolehouse's, Hattrick boats to do some fun fishing and shake down trips..Had a bunch of fun catching fish in the early season..Big lakers were around some Steelhead, some Kings mixed in..

In the first week of June 3rd.,4 th. we had a PMTU event here for the first fundraiser..We tapped into Detroit's own Atwater Brewery First Brown 1884 Beer...Made in honor of our Pere Marquette River being the first river stocked with German Browns in 1884. The snack food and beer were great along with the campfire meet and greet. Saturday was the BBQ Pig Roast/ Auction at the PM Lodge..Lucky we had a big tent rented for Saturday it rained some ! It was a great event...Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off and Thank You to all that attended or bought a auction item...

Did a few trips in May and a few trips in June for Trout. Then a client Pete and I had a planed trip to Colorado at the end of June. So we were flying out of Detroit so I planned on making a week out of it..Tigers Game we beat the Mariners and it was dog day at the park (we could have brought Rose our Westie)..Meet up with my friend Brett and Lindsey at the game.. Good to see them both..

Then I planed 2 days of Musky fishing with Capt. Eric Grajewski of Musk - E Fly Fishing Adventures on Lake St. Claire.. My friend Tom day 1and my Dad joined me for day 2..We Fished HARD for a full day and another part of a day with flies only, only a couple hits/ grabs nothing landed. So we switched gears ( literally) to casting bait casters with big lures and Bingo they liked lures better than our flies..Eric hit a 44" at 10: 30 a.m. and I hit a 47" at 12:30 p.m. and that was our good bite window..The rest of the day was follows to the boat just like when we were fly fishing...It was a hell of a good time, lots of skill and effort casting a 12 wt. Mystic Rods with a 450 grain SA 25 cold sink tip. We seen lots of Musky..I had only trolled for Musky in the past and you don't see the fish till he's coming to the net..This is more fun and up close...Bring good glasses and you will get a show...Thanks Eric...

Next, was off to Aspen Co. with Pete..A great client who loves to fish..He invited me back in February and we hatched a plan..We fished the Roaring Fork and the Frying Pan rivers..The Frying Pan was low and clear and we caught a few fish each..The Roaring Fork river was ROARING ( run off season still )..A white water rafting trip with some Trout fishing mixed in.. We went with Frying Pan Anglers. We caught a bunch of fish nymphing...more than you can count but we enjoyed wasting some time throwing streamers at 10 mph..We caught some fish on streamers on the move but most Trout couldn't keep up with the boat and would only short strike and just didn't have the time to eat it right...Nothing over 20" but a bunch up to and around 20"..We thought the streamer might have a chance to get a big boy out to hunt...nope...Teener's to Twenty galore..A great fishery on the Roaring Fork..There Colorado Trout fisheries management is first class !! Lots of fish, just like Montana and Wyoming too...The Rockey Mountains were awesome too..Great trip, Thank You Pete!!

I have done a few Pike fishing trips with flies and lures both and some Hex fly fishing trips for Trout lately. Some Big laken too in the last few weeks after getting back from vacation. I have a Trout trip tomorrow and 2 next week. Ludington Offshore Classic is this week starting on Thursday. So got to get oil changed, gassed up, new leaders, check knots, new snaps swivels, and sharpen hooks. Fishing just Big Fish and 333 this year Saturday/ Sunday..Fishing for big #'s has been hard to do ( catch rates are low )..In the A.M division you have to get 10 each day and it's not easy !! So I'm just going to go for a few screamers and screw dinking it up to get a full box of 10 each day. Just 3 or 4 big ones are all we will need in 2 days of fishing vs. trying to catch 20 to put in the box...

Well that's pretty current right down to the 2 Kings Jeff and Heather are holding not even 24 hours ago...If your intrested in booking a trip just call us 231-745-6667... Pike , Smallmouth and Trout are fair game and fun to catch all summer...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Run Is Still Going

Hi All

The Steelhead run is still going...a.m. and p.m. is best...clouds are better than sun...We could use some warm rain... The rain would get the mushroom hunting better, knock the dust down and give us a little push of fresh chrome fish.. River is clear and clean...You can't count the rocks on the bottom of the holes but it's not far off...Pocket water and holes are fishing well. The streamer bite is picking up as the water is reaching nearly 50 deg some days..

I have been fly fishing here and the Muskegon the last couple weeks...It's really been up to the customers...Here on the P.M. it's been more Trout than Steelhead on the MO. it's been more Steelhead than Trout so it's a coin flip..P.M is way more peaceful...Boat traffic has been about the same...Both have been fishing good...

I have lots of great dates open to guide Trout or the last of the Steelhead run...The weather is finally nice and I think were in the clear for Spring to show up..Call 231-745-6667 to book your rooms and trip dates...
Thanks for a Great Spring so far to our great customers !! Get some dates in the books for Trout Season...May and June are the best trout fishing !!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

New Fish Are Here

Hi All

New Spring run fish are showing up. Chromers.. My last trip on Friday while the water was on the rise fishing was slow. When I got home the water had rose about a foot during my guide trip on 4/1. We did get some nice Browns 1 over 21" and 2 others on Friday but the Steelhead were hard to find and had moved from there normal spots to take cover from the debris..Wednesday 3/30 and Thursday 3/31 before the flood were fantastic, great color water, great bite. Wednesday had Larry out and he was catching Steelhead ,19" Browns and Trout 2 at a time one on each fly ( which he had never done before). Mike and his daughter Lea enjoyed the monsoon rains on Thursday because the bite was well worth it. Rich and his son Richy had a great fly bite on 3/27. Richy got to hook and land his first ever Steelhead and we boated a bunch that day along with some nice Trout.

After I got home on Friday from my trip, I had to break the news to my Saturday/ Sunday trips that we would not be fishing in the flood and although disappointed they understood the risk isn't worth the reward...As I type I let my Monday guy bump to Thursday to let the water drop some more and get back in it's banks. Everyone is re-booked and I tied about 10 dozen egg flies and look forward to a very busy 2 weeks ahead. There are new trees down in all sections of rivers and the river isn't great wading at the moment either. So be careful out there.

I have some rooms and great guide dates open April 16th. --30th.. So if you like warmer weather it should be here by then..Book a trip. 231-745-6667.. Fishing should be good to great thur the first week in May...

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Has Sprung !

Hi All

WOW it's Nice Weather !!! Winter is pretty much over, just traces of snow left, plows and blowers are put away...It was a light winter and we needed that...The temps are great and the Steelhead that are here know it's Spring...The river is dropping and clearing from our last melt off. We have had a few other melt offs so this last rise in water levels wasn't bad because it was spread out...We were lucky it wasn't joined by a bunch of rain always helps. It was just plain old warm weather. I have already seen online someone picked a Morel mushroom the other day. Don't think the mushroom was in this county but as nice as it has been it could have been..Fishing has been good when the conditions are good. Egg Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, and Plugs are all working well..

If you haven't herd over the Winter we have started a Trout Unlimited Chapter for the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin. PMTU Chapter 933..Special Shout out to Tom Mc Graw who founded the chapter and is our acting President...This good deed has already seen some paid Trout homage with his HUGE Brown Trout he caught on a Streamer in Arkansas on the White River. He is a great guy and cares. We have our first PMTU fundraiser going on June 3rd.4th. 2016. We have all the details on our PMTU Facebook page and you can join our closed group and are currently working on the website. Anyone wishing to donate to our fundraiser send me a e-mail at ..

All kinds of things are welcome to place in our online auction on Givesmart being set up ( rods, reels, fishing equipment, flies, lodging, trips, watercraft, art, etc, etc, etc..We are a non- profit and are in need of items, donations. Attendance is the Key to the fundraiser, local meetings and projects in the future. When the dust clears from this start up, fundraiser and such I look forward to getting my hands dirty fixing banks and providing structure for ALL our Wonderful Trout and Salmon living in this fine river !!! Next PMTU meeting is at Baldwin School Gym 6 p.m. March 16th..Presentations on invasive species ( New Zealand Mudsnail ) ect. 7 p.m. by DNR..

Another shout out to the USFS and DNR has finished a Sign Project this winter along with doing a excellent job of plowing snow...This project has been a pet peeve of mine for 10 years. All these rules and laws without proper signage at the access sites. Money Well Spent !! THANK YOU !! It's a big relief for me and will hopefully save me some yelling from my deck. They covered all the good stuff and I haven't been to all the access sites but have seen a few and they did a Great Job !!

If your interested in a Room, Cabin or our House to rent give us a call. I still also have some great guide dates open March, April and May if interested in a float trip for Trout or Steelhead.. 231-745-6667

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