Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Salmon Run

Hi All

It has been a better run than last season so far. The Salmon have had decent rains to help cool and stain the water some to help migration. We have been lacking cool air temps. The colder it gets at night and keeping the daytime highs under 70 really helps the bite window last longer than 9 or 10 a.m.. That has been the only issue is 75 to 85-90 deg. days during this past early season... When it warms up those fish go down and lay on the bottom to stay cool or keep up migration till they find a spring pumping out cool water..

So this warmer weather has pushed a bunch of fish up stream to stage mid and upper river closer to the better springs. About a week to 10 days ago a bunch of those early fish jumped gravel and are spawning..Good news for fishermen that like to watch spawning activity. There are still more fish in the holes staging than spawning. Fish are spread out through the whole system with all the extra water we have had. That is good news for future fish.

It is all working... Lures, skein, flies in every section of river.. The numbers are not the good old days but much better than last year...

We have some good guide dates left ...October 6,7,10,11,14, 17-24th..
Please call 231-745-6667 if interested in a room or a guided trip..Trip Rates are $275 Half day and $400 Full day..

Sorry haven't been taking too many pictures or the clients have them on there phones ! Here is Danny with a 20lber..

Thank You