Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi All

Another year is almost gone. My family ( Debi, Adam, Rose and I )would like to thank everyone who stayed with us at the Lodge or went on a Guided Fishing Trip..Thank You All Very Much....We are lucky to live and work in a vacation paradice with pretty much unlimited outdoor activities..

In December Fly Fishing has been average..Walked in this past weekend for 3 hours and got a small Brown Trout ,a Coho, and a quick hookup with a Steelhead. Took out new guys on a fly fishing trip on the 8th. and landed a 18" Brown and lost 2 other Steelhead. Took out a pluggen trip on the 1 st. a first time for them and we went 2 for 4 on a bitter cold day. Felt like single digits to 15 deg at the most..Steering wheel on the Powerdrifter was half frozen, reels half frozen, anglers bundeled up to the max. Man O man that last couple weeks in November were rude cold..Had over a foot of snow, ice on the lakes building. Steelheading and Trout slowed to a crawl everything got a cold slap in the face..

The weather broke around the 4th.-5th and has been pretty bareable the last 14 days..We have been working on winter projects on the new 72nd.St. House..Insulated R-21 the crawl space,30' X 50' tarped it on the ground ( no more rolling around in sand), orgnized wires & cables, ducts, waterlines etc..It's going to keep the floor warmer and looks neet and orgnized. Then the attic got insulated also with R-30 on top of the R-16 so it has 12"+..Will save gas and electrictic also be a more comfortable year around place. Painting projects are next on some rooms. Got a 50" Flat Screen TV for the 72.nd st. house black Friday shopping along with 4 32" Flat Screens for the rooms at the Lodge.

Did 8 windows and a Doorwall job for a friend Jeff on the nice days when it hit 35-40 deg..Jeff got a new German Shorthair Pointer that is going to be a good dog real soon..Stays close and never runs off, listens good for a pup..Can't wait to start kill'en birds over the new pup.

Think I'll be shooting a bunch more real soon also.. Skeet, trap, pistol, rifle and archery..I could use some brushing up and Adam wants to be a crack shot..Adam has started some shooting skills but needs to kuckle down and burn some ammo to get into the instinctive side of shooting. When it becomes first nature self defence..

Adam is finishing High School this year and has been going to West Shore Community College for 3 simesters on a dule enrollment program with his school..He has been accepted to Farris State, Central State, and Grand Vally State so far.. For now he wants to study a Criminal Justice program, become a law enforcment officer for a while and then move onto something bigger FBI, Marshal, or Game Warden..I'm rooting for Game Warden / Conservation Officer..That's right up my alley..If I had to do it all over again I might have walked that CO. path..

Ordered a new Clackacraft Driftboat today. I'll be selling my 2008 Clackacraft 16' LowPro MegaBox model. Going to ask $5500 OBO. Galv trailer,8' 6" Smoker dyna light Sawyer oars, extra seat, cover, floormats,anchor..No leaks, just scratches and some light chine spots. Have had the boat 7 seasons and has never been sank or mistreated..It's a solid boat. Thought about re-finishing it and the oars. It's a much much cheeper route than a new one. It's just simpler for me to jump into a new one. Nothing to do to it but cosmetic stuff if you choose to pretty it up..Of course I have to have delivery of my new one before I can cut this boat loose totaly.

That is all that's going on, remodeling projects, fun fishing, a few trips sprinkled in..And a week to finish Christmas shopping...I better get that done soon..

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