Friday, April 26, 2013

Trout Opener Tomorrow

April 26 , 2013

Hi All

Today we getting ready for the big opener. Trout Season..Along with the re-Open of Walleye,Pike, Musky on Inland lakes and catch and release Bass (small and large mouth) seasons..I always love the guys that cast a line in the water at 12:01 a.m.with there fork stick in the ground, lantren on and a beer in hand sitting on a lawn chair. Classic..All you worm guys pretty please carry out your beer,pop,water and worm containers PLEASE..

I'm not sure what to do with myself for tommrow. This is the first Trout Opener I haven't been booked in a long, long time. Should I fire up the SS Minnow and troll for Walleye, dirt bike, or go streamer fishing?? I will be doning one of those thing. Usually I'm sitting in my drift boat (guiding) daydreaming about doing those things on the opener. I need to hatch a PLAN..

The Pere Marquette River is doing great..Back in it's banks. Becoming more wadeable each day. Still lots of Steelhead around first and last light are best for them. Lots of Trout still hanging around the spawning Steelhead.

I would also like to correct myself from my last report on April 4 th. Chase Creek Smokehouse is not open yet..I was taking Rose to the groomer Wednesday and stopped by took a quick picture. The place looks awesome, it's going to be really, really nice..As of now the front door area and the interior is still getting put in place..I must have gotten some bad info and herd it was open..Sorry looks like another month or so..

If anyone is intrested in a guided trip I'm open most days now, call and we will try to get you out on the water for the end of Steelhead season or casting streamers for Big Brown Trout..

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Fishing

April 20 th. 2013

Hi All

All I can say is the fish are here..They are hard to find but when you do they can be caught and the bite is better than normal. Lets see, they can't see the boat, the angler, the line, the fly till the last few feet, then they have a split second to decide to bite or let it pass by. What is not to love about high water..A few things pulling a heavy anchor up, and bring fish under lots of water pressure back to the boat..That's all I can think of. Wading and chasing fish is over rated. Leader shy fish and bright sun and wadeable conditions is for the birds.I'll take these conditions any day over low ,clear, bright, sunny.

The last couple days have been colder than normal and we are on a dropping water conditions in the upper part of the river. So it's clearing and dropping again..Should be back in it's banks by Monday..Wade anglers should be able to get back at it by Wednesday or Thursday (unless we get a bunch of rain ??? )
If you would like to get in on some great fishing I'm open April 22-30th. We can
Steelhead fish or fish for Trout with Streamers or heck both in the same trip..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

High water no problem here...

April 17th. 2013

Hi All

Fishing has been great. The water is still at the top of it's banks and clearing..That's about to change by the looks of the ugly weather blob on the radar. Hope we don't get tooo much rain. It is nice to see the tempature going up finally. The fish have been responding to the warmer water in a good way..Dan landed the first fish of the day on the first cast I made to show him the ropes. I set the hook put the fish on the reel and said here you go. He listen very well and fought the fish back to the boat and I put the scoop on it. Welcome to fly fishing for Steelhead. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. He caught onto the casting & hook set and got another one to the net shortly after that one all on his own + some trout. Pete was quiet at first and the second half of the day was on fire after it warmed up. He caught 3 Browns on Streamers  a few Steelhead and a 17" Brook Trout which arn't very common to our system here on the PM..We had a great outting and the bite was ON. Eggs, Nymphs and Streamers all worked..Hooked and landed #'s were so many we lost count..

I have open to guide April 18,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 Spring Fishing is just getting fired up. Book a trip and let's go play on the river.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The river is slowly falling.

April 13, 2013

Hi All

I woke up only to find a 1" of snow on everything. That sucks more snow, great. The river had fallen enought to expose a couple rock tops on the high side of the fire pit ring. When I got home from my trip a few more tops were exposed but still most of the water is still in the yard. The water had some clarity today but was still smoken fast and fish were behind structure and close to banks avoiding most normal lies.There is fresh fish in the system 2 of the 3 fish we caught today were silver and tight hens. We hooked 6 total and had to pull anchor and chase down to land 2 of them. All 6 fish were on the same egg pattern until I ran out of them. That's a good problem to have because the fly box is already restocked. Thomas and Thomas Jr. had a good day even though it basicly was a winter Steelhead trip. Thanks Tommy Lynch for the group trip. It's a great group of 6 boat guides and 12 clients. Thanks all for being tough guys and braving the cold and way high water conditions. I have April 14,15,16,17,18 open this week and April 23-30 open the next week to guide if intrested in Steelhead fishing or throwing Streamers for Browns and Steelhead.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Still on the rise!

April 12, 2013

Hi All

Not much going on here but watching the water rise. It still hasen't crested, all because we had another couple inches of rain, freezing rain, and sleet yesterday. We had a good inch of icy white stuff on everything this a.m. and most schools were closed around us except Baldwin. Tommy and I went streamer fishing on the 10th. in the afternoon and we moved and rolled a few 18"-20" Browns. Finally we made a fly change and he landed this nice 25" lunker Brown. So we were happy with that to get one really nice one to the net. Tommy would rather catch one hog than a bunch of mediums. Me I still like action and I'm happy catching 14" to 22" Browns. Tommy Lynch is offering a Streamer school here Next weekend April 19,20,21. To make arrangments to learn just how he catches these Big Browns on streamers contact Tommy at ...

ALL rivers on the West side of Michigan are all blown out. Lodging and guided trips are being re-sceduled all over town. A few are still going out and it is a adventure going thru the woods to go around trees you normally go under. Laying on the floor of your boat to get under the bridge at M-37. Pulling anchor to chase, net and land fish. Big Manistee & Muskegon "style" drifting and netting at the same time.Way Tricky stuff in this river compaired to those huge rivers. If you try to fight Steelhead and bring the fish back to the boat you loose almost all of them if you don't pull and chase them down.

If you attempt to float or wade the river be extra careful. I have a bunch of good days open in April to guide Streamer for Big Browns or Steelhead if your intrested in a trip. April 16,17,23,24,25,26,27..

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Water is on the rise !

April 9 th. 2013

Hi All

The rain and warm temps have been melting what's left of our snow banks and what was in the woods. We have had inches of rain water. Your gona need a boat, extra chain ,lots of lead/ split shot, break out the 10 lb. maxima and the come here my fishy hooks. Pulling anchor and chasing them Steelhead down isn't ruled out either.Epic battles will be had by all that brave the extra water. The Spring run should be here soon and this will also usher out the old ones. This is the first warm rain that wasn't melting tons of snow. This is also the first warm water to hit the peir heads and PM Lake is melted off too. It's game on time!! Fishing has been good the last 2 days on the rising water and WORMS are out in force for the first time this season too. So be careful if wading and boating the river is about to go from a pussycat and become a Lion. Have PDF's handy in high Spring water and don't under estimater the power of the river. Good luck fishing ..

I'm open if your intrested in a guided trip April 10,11, 14,15,16,17. Look for the streamer bite to improve in warmer water, and less visibality means catching fish right off the side of the boat and they will follow the meat all the way to the boat and still bite and not running away scared and too chicken to bite.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Steelhead fishing is still steady

April 7th. 2013

Hi All

The river is maintaining a good height and flow.Snow is almost gone. The boat hasen't touched bottom in weeks. Steelhead fishing is consistent and fair to good. Most peolpe are expecting better fishing than it is for this time of year. But it is what it is, FISHING. I have managed to jab away at them and have good days. I have seen very few fish on beds but many areas are tore up pretty good. I often fish the dark water pockets and just know they are there. Tie lots of flies and dig them out of the jams. Another good weekend for most and look forward to the week ahead.

Rick and his 2 boys fished hard 3 days and found fish in the lower flies on Wednedsay, mid river Thursday and then lower on Friday so they got the full PM tour.The boys Quin and Lenn toughted out some cold days and we started at 10 a.m. most days.Feet were very cold was the biggest issue.On Thursday I had Dave for a good day in the lower flies 5 for 6 is not bad for a 25 deg start at 7 a.m.. I also had Joe and his dad Lenard for Saturday in the lower flies. Man was it busy in the flywater. We launched at 10a.m on Saturday for the full on circus experience.. Egg and nymph flies are whats for dinner. Chuck and Duck and Indy rigs are best. Fish hard and good luck on the water. Thank You for another busy Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights at the lodge No Vacancy is a good thing to see coming out of winter.

I'm open April 8-11 and 14-17th. if you intrested in a guided trip. Here on the Pere Marquette River or the Muskegon River.