Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall Is Starting

Hi All

Fall is off to a slow start...Leaves are starting to change color acorns and apples are starting to ripen and fall (watch your head)...It is still warmer than I would like and much less rain fall than I would like to have had by now..So I haven't been blowing the old Salmon are here horn, even know they are around...There are a few Kings, Steelhead and LR Browns trickling in and were off to another late start like last season and many other seasons when we get Indian Summers...Nothing we haven't seen before...The good news are there are a few to be had every day you hit the water and give it a shot.. Also it is getting better every day...We have either been getting BIT by Kings, Steelhead, Browns or Pike every trip out and been having a great time on the water..Is it "game on" NO not really but it's still fun and beats sitting at home reading reports or working...

My wife Debi and I started scouting for Kings when we got a big cool down and rain August 22-- 24th. she had some good battles and lost a couple that made her lower lip stick out..Haha ...I've been doing all kinds of trips searching for the big ball only to find scattered pushes...Mid- River we hooked some Kings, Steelhead and Browns...Lower River fishing stick baits hitting Kings, Pike, Steelhead and LR Browns...Upper river is Trout season hoppers, nymphs, and mousing is still working...Big lake fishing out of Ludington has been good as well...Going tonight in a few hours...Big Boat is running well and it's a fish catching machine, lots of fun...

I have had some cancellations and some good dates open up...September 24,30...Give us a call and book a trip...October 1,5,6,7,9,10--16th. 18--22nd are also great open dates..

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