Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Has Sprung !

Hi All

WOW it's Nice Weather !!! Winter is pretty much over, just traces of snow left, plows and blowers are put away...It was a light winter and we needed that...The temps are great and the Steelhead that are here know it's Spring...The river is dropping and clearing from our last melt off. We have had a few other melt offs so this last rise in water levels wasn't bad because it was spread out...We were lucky it wasn't joined by a bunch of rain always helps. It was just plain old warm weather. I have already seen online someone picked a Morel mushroom the other day. Don't think the mushroom was in this county but as nice as it has been it could have been..Fishing has been good when the conditions are good. Egg Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, and Plugs are all working well..

If you haven't herd over the Winter we have started a Trout Unlimited Chapter for the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin. PMTU Chapter 933..Special Shout out to Tom Mc Graw who founded the chapter and is our acting President...This good deed has already seen some paid Trout homage with his HUGE Brown Trout he caught on a Streamer in Arkansas on the White River. He is a great guy and cares. We have our first PMTU fundraiser going on June 3rd.4th. 2016. We have all the details on our PMTU Facebook page and you can join our closed group and are currently working on the website. Anyone wishing to donate to our fundraiser send me a e-mail at ..

All kinds of things are welcome to place in our online auction on Givesmart being set up ( rods, reels, fishing equipment, flies, lodging, trips, watercraft, art, etc, etc, etc..We are a non- profit and are in need of items, donations. Attendance is the Key to the fundraiser, local meetings and projects in the future. When the dust clears from this start up, fundraiser and such I look forward to getting my hands dirty fixing banks and providing structure for ALL our Wonderful Trout and Salmon living in this fine river !!! Next PMTU meeting is at Baldwin School Gym 6 p.m. March 16th..Presentations on invasive species ( New Zealand Mudsnail ) ect. 7 p.m. by DNR..

Another shout out to the USFS and DNR has finished a Sign Project this winter along with doing a excellent job of plowing snow...This project has been a pet peeve of mine for 10 years. All these rules and laws without proper signage at the access sites. Money Well Spent !! THANK YOU !! It's a big relief for me and will hopefully save me some yelling from my deck. They covered all the good stuff and I haven't been to all the access sites but have seen a few and they did a Great Job !!

If your interested in a Room, Cabin or our House to rent give us a call. I still also have some great guide dates open March, April and May if interested in a float trip for Trout or Steelhead.. 231-745-6667

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