Monday, March 24, 2014

Still Cold

Hi All

Well the fly fishing remains good. Still fishing holes and runs for the most part with eggs and nymphs. The fish in the system would love to be spawning in 38 to 42 deg. water by now but those days are still weeks away. There is some spawning going on in 34 deg water but not much. We still have a foot of ice and crusty snow left in the woods and lots of thick ice on lakes to melt. So far it has been a slow melt but unseasonably cold. The guys doing guided trips with us on the river have been toughing it out despite the cold and for that we all thank them. The fish have been biting which helps keep them in the game and there mind off there cold fingers and constant ice build up in the guides.

My guide schedule has shifted around some.. My open dates are March 25,26,27,30,31..
                                                                                                April 1,9,10,11,18,20--24, 29,30

I have some great later season dates for those wishing to get in on some warmer weather and more Trout fishing mixed in with the later part of the Steelhead season.. We also have some great room openings here at the lodge as well..Give us a call...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Much nicer than last week..

Hi All

With the warm up we have had some good water open up. Fish are moving up slowly from the lake. Lower river is still locked up, some is starting to open up where the sun hits it. From reports I've herd from car spotters is the Pere Marquette River open river from M-37 to Walhalla.

Today I ice fished with Sean Mc Donald, Chris R. and Jeff S.. We all caught Perch and Crappy mostly on minnows. It was wicked cold and windy, 30+ mph on the lake shore. If we didn't have shanty's we wouldn't have lasted very long out there. Today it felt like below zero and yesterday it was 42 deg.( go figure). Yesterday I was on the river with John Robinson fun fishing /scouting for Steelhead. The PM fished well and was a very nice day to bend a rod. All the fish were on egg flies. They were picky about the egg fly, you needed the right ones.

In a couple days we will warm up again and hopefully it will stay around a while longer. There is a few more fishermen/ fisher women showing up. But it's not what I would call busy out there yet. A few fish are working on some beds but most are still in the holes and runs. There is still a foot of dense snow to melt in the woods so until that's all gone the water is pretty chilly.

Spring Steelhead are here and the fish are acting like it too even if it's cold, there are still chomping flies and plugs. My open dates are March 14--19, 21,24,27,30,31
                                       April 1,2,11,15--18, 20--24,26,29,30

The Spring run is near and fishing is improving. Get out and fish!! Last ice is near too, decisions, decisions..

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Still Snowing

Hi All

Just plowed again. It has been a very cold week. Most of the shelf ice has reformed with lots of anchor ice and slush rolling down the Pere Marquette River. Walked in for a hour or so and went 1 for 1. It was more for exercise than anything. Lots of narrow spots and no place to pull over and park a boat. It was barely fishable. I gave it a go and cracked one on a egg fly. Said that's enough after another half hour. Fished 2 spots. Herd from a friend Gleasons Landing was down to a very narrow path and pretty much froze across, you would have a hard time getting a boat out of there without some man power.

So that being said warmer weather is near. I see some 29-34 deg..Heat wave kinda stuff.. It will take a couple warm days to get things back to where they were about 7-10 days ago when launches were opening up a little and shelf ice and anchor ice was gone. I'm guessing if we get the warm up there calling for things will be ok to good by Friday or Saturday and get back to somewhat fishable here on the PM..

I'm open to guide any day next week if you want to get in a half or full day and take advantage of the warm up..It's been a long cold winter..

Spring dates are filling.. March open dates 15-19,21,24,27,30,31.
                                    April open dates  1,2,11,15-18,20,21,23-30.

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