Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Steelhead

Hi All

Long time no write..Had a busy summer on Lake Michigan and around the lodge rentals. The big lake was fishing good this Summer with monster King Salmon caught in the 33lb. to 41 lb. range. The fish were eating good and so were the Lake Trout, many of the Lakers we caught were burping up Alewife's. Coho were present as well as Steelhead but harder to keep on, lots of them shake loose with violent head shakes and jumping. All in all a good season and my boat is winterized and tucked away in the barn.

The Fall Salmon run didn't disappoint. The fish were big and plenty were around. The Offspring of the 2013 run had good genetics and plenty of food. The stocking numbers have been light to let the Alewife's bounce back and they seem to be bouncing back in Lake Michigan after the Great lakes rose 4+ feet after 2 bad winters. So we still don't have the numbers of old school Lake Michigan Salmon fishing but it's not bad. I'd give the last 2 seasons a B- for a grade..

We had lots of fish in the river landed in the 20+ range and one stand out that was landed by the young man in the picture below that was over 30 lbs. He could not lift it right that's why half the fish is being supported by water. It filled the net and even I was kinda surprised. We landed a couple nice browns munching eggs while Salmon fishing also. Most of the good pictures are on customers cell phones per usual. So if you don't see your pictures it's because you didn't send me any..LOL..

Here we are current...It's Fall Steelhead season and winter is soon approaching. I went out fun fishing with Greg Dygert a regular customer with his own boat and we did well. We each caught Steelhead and plenty of skipper Steelhead as well..This last big rain that cooled and raised the water brought them up and there is a few to play with..The key is having the right eggs on and stick to the dark water. There are plenty of Kings and Coho around so fresh eggs are still plentiful. Then just make good drifts and wait for a biter.

I have lots of great dates open to guide after I get back from my Missouri Bowhunting trip. I actually prefer Fall Steelhead when it cools down more and there is a chance of snow. It thins the crowds out. Firearm Deer season helps with that as well.

I get back around November 10th.-11th. unless I shoot a big buck sooner than that..So my next report will be pictures of my monster buck or my tag sandwich. I shot a Doe last season and saw lots of smaller bucks. So hopefully everyone else let them walk as well...I lost the (4 point) Antler Point Restrictions in my county I hunt last year, so hopefully it dose not go back to "it's brown it's down hunting". Hopefully they have learned to let them grow up and see there potential greatness. Time will tell..

Lastly my friend Jeff Hubbard is slowly getting back into the saddle. He had a mechanical problem with a new dirt bike Mid August that laid him up for most of Salmon Season. He is getting range of motion back and rowed his raft with me for a scouting mission. He is on the mend and excited to catch Steelhead this Fall and Winter season so keep him busy and call Outfitter North Guide Service if you want to spend a day with Jeff.

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