Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snowmobilers Rejoyce

Hi All

Winter is here with a vengeance !! It has been really really cold for about a week or more and now were getting a foot of snow on top of the 8 " we already had on the ground..The 8" we started with last week was enough to get the sleds out and pack down the trails now we have base and a foot of new powder..So get on the trails it's here!!!!!

Prior to this cold snap the fishing was doing fair to good during the holidays and after the New Year I had a couple Steelhead trips. I walked in and did some fly fishing on my own and with some friends. On my guided trips we were pluggen on some pretty darn cold days. One day I had 3 guys and each landed one and the other trip I had 2 guys and each landed 2..Both days we hooked 5 was the average bite. Both days we didn't touch a fish till 11-11:30 a.m...Slow starts with no early a.m bite for us and as it warmed up slightly the fish started to strike the lures.. They all had a ball getting there hands cold on some nice pretty winter Steelhead..Rivers are still open for those that will brave the cold and there is fish to be caught !! Flies with strike indicators or dropback pluggen seems to work all winter..If interested in a full or half day I have some great openings..

Plowing snow and shoveling is what I will be doing most of the day tomorrow. Tourism in general has been SLOW so hopefully the snow will get people out..Most lakes have good ice for ice fishing but ATV and snowmobiles I wouldn't test that ice just yet locally around here..I haven't been out yet and I'll bet most lakes just have 4" in most places but I'm sure there is some spots that are 2" or less..Every lake is different they all have there warm spots, springs, and depth, and currents that make thin spots..So be careful on the ice still...

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