Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Blessing of the Bike Weekend has passed.

May 22, 2013

Hi All

The Blessing of the Bikes is behind us. Our town is quiet till next year.. It's a fun weekend for most and the weather was great for Saturday and Sunday sunny and 75 to 80..Friday when a large portion of people were heading up it was rainy and cold. Most of our check-ins were wet and some shaking cold..

I was out Trout fishin some this past week with friends casting with both streamers and lures.One day was pretty tought fly fishing,Tommy and I got crispy, in a hot all day sun. The other day was a decient bite and we had some clouds while rowing some friends pitching lures. Lots of 8"-16" fish were after those bait fish patterns.

Yesterday I was helping with some projects on John's big lake boat. Then we did a shake down run on a small inland lake trying for some Walleyes with no luck on eyes but did get 5 perch not keeper size.The 24' Great lakes Special ran well and we then rigged it for the big lake and had some lines to rig as well. This a.m. we went to Ludington to find out if we could find a few fish..We ( John Robinson," Katch Me" Sean Mc Donald and I ) set up and went 7 for 8 from 7 till 10:30a.m.. Then the rain started and we pulled lines and got out of there..

The fish were caught from 30' to 150' down in 200-250 FOW on dipsy divers, downriggers, and coppers. We caught Kings, Coho, Steelhead on this trip out. No Browns or Lakers..We saw a window for today's weather then it's suppose to blow and get ugly with 8'-15' waves the next couple days and a cool down. So the lake will be stired up and scatter the water that was setting up nice thermoclines that help you find fish and pattern them somewhat. So after a big blow it could take a week or longer before the water gets good again..So we went ! And had a great time ! Thanks John..We all had a Jones for some big lake fishen..Good first trip out..

Don't know much else, Memorial Day weekend is coming up quick and we still have some rooms open for Friday and Sunday. Only one double open for the whole weekend so were filling up which is a good thing..Hope to see you up here sometime this summer..

Tight Lines

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Streamer fishing is on!

May 15, 2013

Hi All

The weather is getting really nice. Spring is here and so is streamer season. Were getting a mix of drop back Steelhead and some nice browns. Water levels are perfect and there is just enought stain to the water to get it done. Dry flies are hatching in the afternoons and evenings but there isn't a lot of fish rising to them during the day, must be nymphing. I see a couple small ones rise occasionaly. I haven't been out a evening yet to see if the big ones are rising. Jeff Hubbard and I went on a rainy day in the Pere Marquette and caught a few small browns and a Steelhead and I took Pete and Ken out on the Manistee yesterday and caught some nice chunky Browns 16" to 20" range.

All the Trout had Chesnut Lamphry on them on the PM and Big Man I have never seen it like that before. My guess is all the heavy water we had this year washed a lot of Lamphry out of the tribs. I've never seen that many around on the main stream of either river. Chesnut Lamphry are native and won't kill there host and unlike black Sea Lamphry which will hang on till the fish is dead . The fish may be eating the Lamphry and getting a few stuck to them in the process of the raid. Not sure but the color of big fly I used was real close to the ginger color of the Lamphry.

If your intrested in a guided trip I'm open most days and if I'm booked I'll be more than happy to find you a great guide. Give us a call this Trout season and well take you down our beautiful West Michigan Rivers..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trout fishing, mushroom hunting and dirt biking.

May 8 th. 2013

Hi All

What is not to love about Spring. Getting outside and enjoying great activities, except one mowing the darn lawn.. I had Pete and Al last week Friday for some late Steelheading and Trout fishing. The fishing was very good as it has been of late. Dirt biking has been good as well. The dirt bike I forgot about for a few years has the dust blow off and is running great. Mushrooms have been up for a while now and the blacks and grey morells are almost done and the white morells are starting soon. Usually when I mow my lawn for the very first time is when the whites pop up, some even in the front yard. I mow carefully the first time. We are pretty slow for this weekend so come on up and do Mothers Day weekend up north at the Red Moose Lodge? Next weekend will be nuts with the Blessing of the Bikes motorcycle rally. Stay in touch and come on up and try the Trout fishing..

Tight Lines

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trout fishing is very good..

May 2nd. 2013

Hi All

Well a lot of trout are headed home after the Trout opener to a frying pan..It was a good weekend for the people that made it out for the big opener. Mushrooms have been poping too ( speaking of a frying pan)and the harvest for them is in full swing as well. I have been helping a friend Jeff get his KTM EXC200 ready for the trails. Him and I looked at it and he bought it a few weeks ago and it just needed some cleaning up and a few nuts and bolts were missing from ratteling out. Over all the bike is ready to go so the weather is right and the trails are calling.

I had a half day trip on Tuesday for Steelhead and Trout with Pete and Ken and it was great fishing for a half day the bite was very good .We landed a bunch of fish on streamers and nymphing rigs. We didn't take a ton of pictures mostly because both these guys catch a lot of Trout and so quick releases were the norm for the day. Biggest Brown was 17" smallest was 5" and some nice Steelhead were landed and lost. These warm water Steelies have NOS systems hooked up compaired to Winter and cold water Spring steelies. Some dries are poping off and a few fish are rising to them, mostly smaller fish is all I have seen eating them..

I have a bunch of good dates open to guide. If intrested in a trip give us a call and well wet a line. The Trout are really happy with the water temps and flow is perfect. I would say the river is full joy conditions wise.