Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Streamer fishing is on!

May 15, 2013

Hi All

The weather is getting really nice. Spring is here and so is streamer season. Were getting a mix of drop back Steelhead and some nice browns. Water levels are perfect and there is just enought stain to the water to get it done. Dry flies are hatching in the afternoons and evenings but there isn't a lot of fish rising to them during the day, must be nymphing. I see a couple small ones rise occasionaly. I haven't been out a evening yet to see if the big ones are rising. Jeff Hubbard and I went on a rainy day in the Pere Marquette and caught a few small browns and a Steelhead and I took Pete and Ken out on the Manistee yesterday and caught some nice chunky Browns 16" to 20" range.

All the Trout had Chesnut Lamphry on them on the PM and Big Man I have never seen it like that before. My guess is all the heavy water we had this year washed a lot of Lamphry out of the tribs. I've never seen that many around on the main stream of either river. Chesnut Lamphry are native and won't kill there host and unlike black Sea Lamphry which will hang on till the fish is dead . The fish may be eating the Lamphry and getting a few stuck to them in the process of the raid. Not sure but the color of big fly I used was real close to the ginger color of the Lamphry.

If your intrested in a guided trip I'm open most days and if I'm booked I'll be more than happy to find you a great guide. Give us a call this Trout season and well take you down our beautiful West Michigan Rivers..

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