Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trout fishing, mushroom hunting and dirt biking.

May 8 th. 2013

Hi All

What is not to love about Spring. Getting outside and enjoying great activities, except one mowing the darn lawn.. I had Pete and Al last week Friday for some late Steelheading and Trout fishing. The fishing was very good as it has been of late. Dirt biking has been good as well. The dirt bike I forgot about for a few years has the dust blow off and is running great. Mushrooms have been up for a while now and the blacks and grey morells are almost done and the white morells are starting soon. Usually when I mow my lawn for the very first time is when the whites pop up, some even in the front yard. I mow carefully the first time. We are pretty slow for this weekend so come on up and do Mothers Day weekend up north at the Red Moose Lodge? Next weekend will be nuts with the Blessing of the Bikes motorcycle rally. Stay in touch and come on up and try the Trout fishing..

Tight Lines

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  1. River is empty,Fishing is great where is everyone at..I guess I just don't understand ???