Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Water is on the rise !

April 9 th. 2013

Hi All

The rain and warm temps have been melting what's left of our snow banks and what was in the woods. We have had inches of rain water. Your gona need a boat, extra chain ,lots of lead/ split shot, break out the 10 lb. maxima and the come here my fishy hooks. Pulling anchor and chasing them Steelhead down isn't ruled out either.Epic battles will be had by all that brave the extra water. The Spring run should be here soon and this will also usher out the old ones. This is the first warm rain that wasn't melting tons of snow. This is also the first warm water to hit the peir heads and PM Lake is melted off too. It's game on time!! Fishing has been good the last 2 days on the rising water and WORMS are out in force for the first time this season too. So be careful if wading and boating the river is about to go from a pussycat and become a Lion. Have PDF's handy in high Spring water and don't under estimater the power of the river. Good luck fishing ..

I'm open if your intrested in a guided trip April 10,11, 14,15,16,17. Look for the streamer bite to improve in warmer water, and less visibality means catching fish right off the side of the boat and they will follow the meat all the way to the boat and still bite and not running away scared and too chicken to bite.

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