Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Fishing

April 20 th. 2013

Hi All

All I can say is the fish are here..They are hard to find but when you do they can be caught and the bite is better than normal. Lets see, they can't see the boat, the angler, the line, the fly till the last few feet, then they have a split second to decide to bite or let it pass by. What is not to love about high water..A few things pulling a heavy anchor up, and bring fish under lots of water pressure back to the boat..That's all I can think of. Wading and chasing fish is over rated. Leader shy fish and bright sun and wadeable conditions is for the birds.I'll take these conditions any day over low ,clear, bright, sunny.

The last couple days have been colder than normal and we are on a dropping water conditions in the upper part of the river. So it's clearing and dropping again..Should be back in it's banks by Monday..Wade anglers should be able to get back at it by Wednesday or Thursday (unless we get a bunch of rain ??? )
If you would like to get in on some great fishing I'm open April 22-30th. We can
Steelhead fish or fish for Trout with Streamers or heck both in the same trip..

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  1. Fishing is great where is a client when you want one. I guess sitting at a desk somewhere or in a traffic jam...Come on up Steelhead season is far from over!