Saturday, April 13, 2013

The river is slowly falling.

April 13, 2013

Hi All

I woke up only to find a 1" of snow on everything. That sucks more snow, great. The river had fallen enought to expose a couple rock tops on the high side of the fire pit ring. When I got home from my trip a few more tops were exposed but still most of the water is still in the yard. The water had some clarity today but was still smoken fast and fish were behind structure and close to banks avoiding most normal lies.There is fresh fish in the system 2 of the 3 fish we caught today were silver and tight hens. We hooked 6 total and had to pull anchor and chase down to land 2 of them. All 6 fish were on the same egg pattern until I ran out of them. That's a good problem to have because the fly box is already restocked. Thomas and Thomas Jr. had a good day even though it basicly was a winter Steelhead trip. Thanks Tommy Lynch for the group trip. It's a great group of 6 boat guides and 12 clients. Thanks all for being tough guys and braving the cold and way high water conditions. I have April 14,15,16,17,18 open this week and April 23-30 open the next week to guide if intrested in Steelhead fishing or throwing Streamers for Browns and Steelhead.

Tight Lines

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