Friday, May 30, 2014

Hatch Season

Hi All

For those of you who like to dry fly fish NOW is the time for the next 6 weeks ! Good hatches have started a week or so ago. I'm watching 4 fish feed as I type. Hungry little to med. size guys. Bigger fish have been caught in the evenings 16"- 20". The last few trips I was still streamer fishing, while nymphing and egging behind the Steelhead. The water has cleared and heated up and the cork has came off the "preverbial" bottle and released the Hatch..Steelhead are finally done around here.. Bugs are everything all at once, sulfers, caddis,stones, henny's and drake's right before dark have been best for the big guys..

Been working on my big lake boat the last week or so. It was done on the 22nd. and I put it in the water on the 25th. we fished for 5 hours with Steve from H&H Excavation and went 6 for 7 mixed bag then slipped it in a marina for the summer in Ludington. I'm at Thompson Marina and Ed has been a very nice owner..It's not 5 star but has all I need at a reasonable price. Need to finish up some more Spring cleaning and updating safety equipment for my coast guard inspection and I'll be ready for the summer on Lake Michigan..

                                                                     Tight Lines

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