Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Mix Weekend

Hi All

Not a lot new going on around here. Tommy Lynch is having a nice Steelhead School here this weekend. They seam to be having a great time. The weather is helping out with this nice little thaw were having, opening up the river bank to bank up here in the upper river ridding us of shelf ice and anchor ice "for the moment". They should do well when they hit the river for some casting time also the ice in the guides should be at a minimal today and tommrow too..

I may actually have to get out and Steelhead fish some this week before we freeze up again..Went ice fishing localy with friends John Robinson and Jeff Hubbard yesterday.. We got 10 perch, 2 gills and 2 crappy not a huge haul but enough for dinner and some fun..After this thaw the next freeze should make the ice real thick. Yesterday we were all good for ice 6"-8" everywhere we drilled. GOOD ICE around here..

Next weekend is a big Dog Sled Race up here. We have a few Mushers/ sled dogs staying with us next weekend. I'm going back up to the U.P for some more snowmobiling next weekend to Copper Harbor and Calumet area..I was up to Munising just before the New Years holiday and put on a few miles. The snow was 2.5'-3' a couple weeks ago. Hope they get a bunch of new fluffy snow this week because I'm sure they based up this weekend as well even up there..

I'm Open to fish if anyone intrested in Ice Fishing or Steelheading here this winter. Both are doing good and beat the heck out of sitting in the house going crazy..

Tight Lines

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