Friday, January 31, 2014

Burried in snow

Hi All

We have been getting clobbered with snow.. Last Friday it started and by this Friday we have had over 20" fall. Most of it fell last weekend and then we have had a bunch of small storms all week. I finally broke down and called in the Backhoe. Ran out of places to put it and needed to make room for parking and the remainder of the season. Spent all day digging out paths, hot tub, plowing the driveway excavation in general. Looks like I declared war on snow at the end of the day. That Backhoe turned mountains out of molehills..Dug out and ready for business..

Went Perch fishing on Hardy Pond this week, it was slow. Heading over to the west side tomorrow a.m. to Perch fish. Decided to stay home this weekend while my friends went up to the U.P. for another ride. Figured we have over 2' on the ground why drive up there. I went out for a ride with Jeff Hubbard this Wednesday and the snow is major deep for the Baldwin area. We have more now than any of the 10 years I've been living here running the lodge. The groomed trails were great on Wednesday, like Highways..Off trail riding, the Indy 500 carb had a little trouble with the deep snow and my 136" 600 shift almost got stuck but managed to paddle out of trouble a couple times.

Haven't wet a line for Steelhead in over 2 weeks. We have been dealing with cold temps and lots of snow. So you just run with it and snowmobile and ice fish while the cold weather prevails. We took a few pictures while riding around with Jeff. Gleasons Landing is locked up tight to the Don King hole and has a ice jam backing water up the boat launch, it's a mess. Rainbow to Upper Branch is open, as it is the fastest section on the P.M... Rainbow Rapids is plowed out good. Sulak is plowed the best I've ever seen, all the way down the hill to the boat ramp from the State DNR guy.  He has been doing a GREAT job at M-37 this year as well. Upper Branch has been plowed but not seance last Friday or Saturday. There was over a foot of snow in that lot Wednesday afternoon. The Pic. is Gleasons, Rainbow then Sulak " you"ll need a rope" didn't take a shot of Upper Branch..

Tight Lines

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  1. We are well past our average snowfall for the year with the rest of February and March left to go..The snowmobiling is fantastic this year..Ice fishing still great..