Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Hi All

First I'd like to say Thank You from Clint, Debi and Adam Anderson here at the Red Moose Lodge for helping us have a great 2013 season and hope to see you all again next year in 2014. Second is come up and enjoy all the great outdoor activities this Winter. We are buried with snow !!!! Compared to many other December's. We have around 12"-14" of fluffy stuff last week that settled into a good base around 8"-10" over last weekend when we hit 30-34 deg... Sence then we have had another 6"+ of fresh fluffy land on that base to bring us to well over a foot of snow in the woods..That's pretty good for this early in Baldwin..Trails are groomed and ready for you to ride your snowmobiles..

Ice fishing : still be extra careful. The ice isn't super great around here...I went on one local lake last week on Thursday the 16 th. and it was iffy..We had 2" of hard ice and 1.5" of soft slush on top..We just have had to much snow to have real good ice. I'll bet were around 30" of snowfall for December so far..My driveway looks like February.. 4' banks that are built out 8' and already missing 2 or 3 parking spaces..We still have parking but the lot's not getting larger it's getting smaller. We'll probably have to have a front end loader come in by the middle of January if it continues to snow like it has..

Steelhead and Trout fishing continues to be good. There are days when the bite is off totally. Other days when the bite is good..You just have to go !! To find out.. The fish are in the system and when they feel like feeding you have to be there in the right spot with the right stuff on the end of your line. Hiring a guide is the best thing to do even if it's for a half day. That way your in the right spot with the right thing on the end of your line. You have 2 out of 3 things you need covered, now all you need to wait for the fish to decide to feed on your offering. Then the real fun begins..A good guide is a very skilled net man and has a warm camera ready to take your picture also a heater to warm your hands back up. This time of year is when good guide can make the difference in getting skunked (which is a bummer but happens) or landing a couple Steelhead and having a great time..Plus you will learn new skills each trip despite the number of years you have been doing this sport..

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors this winter !

Tight Lines

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