Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Salmon ? Yep

Hi All

Yes, more and more Salmon are coming up river to lay there eggs in the fertil Pere Marquette River. The Trout are enjoying the free meals as well as they fatten up for there up coming spawning season as well here in a few weeks. Caught a real nice 11 lb. Coho Salmon this past week nearly chrome and it smashed the fly second cast for Rick. Dave and son Nate caught some 24lb. and 25lb Kings. Dave also pulled off some nice doubles 2 weeks in a row. Week 1 he landed a King and a 10" Brown in one cast and week 2 it was a 12" and 16" brown on one cast. Well the river is fully joy right now with the air and water temps falling. Some breif showers and thunderstorms giving the river and the springs a little extra flow. Have had some women getting in on the action too. This sports great for all ages. Lots of fish and tons of oppertunity at catching these large fish in a small stream. Even if you don't land one it's still just a great experience to see all the fish in the system spawning, or even a hole thats stacked full heads and tails..It's just a spectical some days seeing how many fish can pack themselfs into a hole..Unreal if you get to fish a spot like that..

It's been real busy and has been nice seeing all the new and old clients around the lodge and on the river. We have about another month of Salmon season left then Fall Steelhead starts to take over and what Salmon are left are just bait piles and accidental catches as we target Trout and Steelhead behind them..

My open dates to guide are October 6 then the 11th.--31st.. After October 15th.  I start to really look for Steelhead and will target them.. Between now and then they are jumped here and there. We have some good room openings after October 6 thru November. So if you want to miss the crowds there is plenty of time to enjoy some great fishing as the river emptys out and most of the fishermen take to the woods chasing bird dogs, Ducks or Deer.

Have A Great Salmon Season !

Tight Lines

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