Monday, September 9, 2013

Salmon run has started

September 9 , 2013

Hi All

The Salmon run has been going for a couple weeks. It has been a slow start for hardware with the very little rain we have had. We have had a couple trickles but no real big pushes yet. The best thing going right now is the flyfishing program in the holes for staging fish. Every section from the M-37 to Walhalla has a couple holes with some nice stacks of Salmon.

The Bait and tackle program has been tough in the lower river.. I haven"t had a great day yet down stream lots of 1 or 2 fish to the boat days.There have been lots of days lower river the fish are rolling around but won't bite because the water conditions are poor. The water has been warm and the fish have been going right by lower river headed for the Trout stream protions where the holes are deeper, cooler, and extra current for some extra oxygen in there gills..So fewer fish hanging around lower river and super clear water down there also has forced me move up stream to flyfish for them with better #'s to cast to. I have casted some lures for a couple hours mid stream and had just as many bites as if I had been down river casting. Then switching over to flies for the rest of the day in big deep holes.

The fish are a larger average and very hard to land. snaping line, straiting hooks, and many lures lost to log jams as the fish weaves his way thru. Picking areas with room to fight fish is key to landing them. They are hot and big Salmon...

Good Luck and hope to see you on the river or around the lodge.

I have a few open dates September 16,18,22,23,24,25,29 if intrested in guided trip..

Tight Lines

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  1. All the fish have been dark..Stale from all the warm water in the harbor and lower river..Haven't had a big rain to bring in the chromers yet from out deep..That will happen the next time we get 3-5" of rain..pray for rain if you like to lure fish...