Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Steelhead are Lurking

Hi All

Salmon season is still in full swing and so is the foul odor on the river. There are far more dead ones than alive ones. We have had a good mixed bag on the last couple trips out. Every day last week we jumped 2 or 3 Steelhead a day some days you land them some days you don't. Steelhead, Coho, Kings and Browns are all possiable in a day on the river. Our version of a October Grand Slam.. We had 2 days with a grand slam last week and a couple days off by one species. There is no better time of year to flyfish than October the river is a target rich enviroment and the Fall colors are great. It's a win- win..

I have booked this Friday / Saturday / Sunday and then I have open dates 21st.- 28th of October. If your intrested in a full or half day on the river give me a call..

We are getting some rain around here and a slight stain to the river. It should be bringing up the remainder of the Salmon and increasing our chances at Steelhead daily..

Tight Lines

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