Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Streamers Are Game On !!

Hi All

It's no mystery the water has warmed up and the Steelhead season is in full swing for as long as it will last...When will it be over who knows ??? With the warmer water the streamer bite has taken off as well..You can catch fish the easy way with c&d gear or fly fish with eggs and nymphs on a indy rig or fly fish with big or small streamers .. So at this time frame in the run you can basically pick how you want to fish and it all works well...Pitching lures is also on the table for those that don't fly fish...It's all fun any way you want to catch fish...

I have April 22,23,29,30 open to guide.. We have some good rooms open too... May is pretty open for dates as well...Book a trip and get in on the action....Dry flies look for Mid May thru June is best for hatches...

Spring is here and we are having a small cold snap but should be one of the last ones..Mushrooms are ready to pop some small ones are being pinched.. Turkey season has started.. ATV riders are out tearing up the trails and having fun.. Lots going on up north in Baldwin...Get Outdoors...

Tight Lines

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