Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Showers

Hi All

It was a wet one today in Baldwin.. Not sure what the rainfall total is going to be but the river is rising...Grass and everything is getting a good soaking. I'm watching the lawn green and the Tulips and Lilly's grow..Steelhead are on the move up from Lake Michigan and old ones that are spawned out will be getting flushed down stream. Saw my first nasty male Steelhead the other day as I rowed by and said I won't be throwing a cast his way for sure..We have been catching drop back hen Steelhead for a couple weeks already. I like them, they jump like crazy and bite great. I guess they feel great after unloading all those eggs and their hungry what's not to like about that..Been catching some new chrome hens also so there is a good mix in the Pere Marquette River..

The streamer bite isn't great yet but Tommy Lynch and I had the day off and did move some nice browns the other day when it hit 65deg. on Tuesday. I caught a nice 19" and 16" Brown Trout and lost one over 20" and rolled a few others in a hour and then the bite window was over..Just lookers after that little flurry. Sure was a nice warm day but way to sunny some clouds would have been nice. Started working on a tan..My Raccoon eyes are starting to make a comeback..

Randy from Wisconsin came and picked up my old 2008 Clackacraft a couple weeks ago March 27-29 and he spent a couple days fishing on the water with me and his new fishing machine. My winch from River Larry was done shortly after he picked up the boat and took it home. I have put 5 days on the water with my new Clackacraft Eddy and like it so far still tinkering with small stuff and dialing it in. Feels tight so things need to break in some too..Love my new winch and can't wait to put on my second 25 lb. anchor for this high water were about to have. It is sweet knowing I don't have to pull it up and will hold my spot in a flood water..

Guide trips have been going good for the most part there is plenty of fish out there to make a day but you have to work at it and the river isn't stacked full of fish yet but hopefully that changes with this rain were having. Most rivers are just starting to see there Spring push of fish from the lake as our winter hold overs were fewer than normal this March which didn't help our early season #'s.

The Steelhead and Trout season will be good from now till mid May..Give us a call we have plenty of rooms and guide dates open..

Tight Lines

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