Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Is Over

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Well here we are with another September is over. Fall is here and it is time to start finishing those drifts. I have started to preach already to the clients...Why you may ask..The trophy fish are behind the Salmon..To say this was a tough September would be a understatement..Hookups were hard to come by and you had to make good on few opportunities and put them to the net or you might have gotten skunked..

The last 2 weeks have been better and better..But the first 2 weeks of September were TOUGH..Biggest problem was no big heavy rain, way to much sun, and way to much heat. The water temp flowing out into the lake was bath water till mid September..We still have a lot of summer moss all over the rocks everywhere because of no heavy rain so keeping your hooks clean is constant and now add all the leaves too...

Have been hitting some Steelhead but not very many around yet. Think I have hooked 5 and finally got one 12 lber. in today and a 16" skipper Steelie on Monday..Great Job on the chrome guys..Browns have been biting as well..Nothing over 20" yet on the gold bellies but plenty of teeners.

Fresh Salmon ( Coho and Kings) are still coming up from the lake at a steady trickle and every once in a while a heavy push is rumored here one day gone the next. I have been patiently waiting for the Salmon to come to me up top and I stopped chasing the dream of a hole stacked full of fish 10-12 days ago..Old Salmon are dieing off fast and there is a steady rotation of fresh new ones..You pick moldie oldie zombie or greener brighter Salmon..There is enough around you can be choosy, where you stop, is what you'll catch..

Went bird hunting with friends this weekend and we shot 2 grouse and 5 woodcock over the weekend and I missed Salmon Eve and Salmon Day here on the river..We had at least 100-200 phone calls for the last weekend in September it was right up there with Blessing of the Bikes..Crazy..Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and was safe, I was not feeling left out at all over in Lovells chasing dogs and birds..

On a sad note we were over there in Lovells for a memorial of ONE of my best hunting buddies Jim Edwards died of cancer a littler over a year ago and wanted his ashes spread at Woodcock Alley one of his favorite hunting creek beds along with the ashes of his last 2 hunting dogs Butch and Cassy. So there was a good size group over there celebrating the life and many hunting and fishing trips with Jim. We all had great times with him. Lots of pictures and life long stories were told. A very fitting end to Jim's final resting place..

Enough of the tear jerker stuff and there is lots of great times being had this very minute on the river and in the woods. Tomorrow October 1 st. the ARROWS FLY and the next day Deer start scanning tree tops for large smelly objects on platforms. The acorn crop is huge, huge,huge this year...Do not waste your money $$ on carrots unless you want to see how long it will take them to rot.

October 1 st. is the start of the extended season rules...That means UP stream from M-37 bridge is CLOSED TO ALL FISHING.. Downstream from M-37 bridge is open ALL year around on the Middle Branch or Main Stream of the PM. All of the Baldwin is closed, creeks also. The Little South Branch is closed, creeks too..The Big South Branch is closed, creeks too..Most of the small creeks and streams are closed in other words General Trout season is over and most of the rivers in the state are closed to fishing. Check your rule books closely and if your not sure call the DNR to find out or you could face FINES..

My Open Guide dates: Are October 14,15,17th..--28th.. Think Mixed bag( Kings, Coho,Steelhead,Trout) the best fly fishing of the season is near..Book a day or two you won't be sorry...

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