Thursday, September 4, 2014

Salmon Season Slow Start

Hi All

We'll  Salmon season is off to a slow start. We have been missing all the nice flooding rains lower Michigan has gotten the past 2-3 weeks. Customers telling horror stories of all the rain and flooded basements. All I keep thinking is I wish that happened up here( dang we missed it again) and we would be in much better shape with our run. We have had some showers but no big high water, dirty up the river events. You need 3"+ for that. Just a steady trickle up from the lake every day. Some Salmon just have to run and nothing is going to stop them.

I have been managing several hookups a day and 1 or 2 fish to the net. That has been the average for me..Not gangbusters but were not skunked. The commitment rate isn't there. Lots of nudges,bumps, and 1 hook straitened out stuff going on. The ones that are biting it right are coming in to the net with a mouth full of hooks..In other words we haven't been wrapped around a log yet..Couple busted lures, couple bite offs from Pike, all in good fun with the lure program.

It's nice and overcast today with some rain showers and I'm off. It's Debi's birthday and were going to have a day together.I'm back at it tomorrow. Which is good, a few more fish each day in the system. Every day will be better than the last.

Fishing on Lake Michigan has been good the last few times out. Best day was August 16th. Had my biggest box of the year weight wise. The last 2 times out the water has been warm and the fish we marked were acting stale. Should have went offshore for a mixed bag, but I wanted to target adult Kings so I hugged the bank and caught some just not big numbers in the box..

Open guide dates are October 13,14,15,17-28th..These are Great dates for fly fishing.. Salmon, Steelhead, Coho, and Trout ( Mixed Bag). Fall Colors and cooler temps..Snatch up some of these guide dates you won't be sorry...

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  1. weather needs to change..enought of this hot indian summer crap...

  2. I agree...cooler on the way this weekend it looks like.

  3. We need a new blog entry clint