Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Water Rising

Hi All

The water is on the rise. It's not over it's banks yet in my back yard but it's headed that direction..With that said use caution while boating and wading. Bring a little extra anchor and your "A" game rowing. Throw in a pair of work gloves to help pull your heavy anchor rope. Extra weight for your flyrods too..We had a nice day here yesterday and it was almost 60 deg..It stayed warm overnight for the first time in a while. The last few weeks have been winter temps during the day and arctic temps overnight and that kept the river at a slow melt till last Thursday.

We had a inch of rain last Thursday night and sense then the water has been stained and fishing was very good on Thursday 27th./ Friday 28 th. during the rise . I had a slow bite on Saturday and Sundays trips but most of that was due to LOTS of traffic and bright sun. The fishing improved some on Sunday night and Monday. The fish needed to adjust to the extra water and debris so knowing there next move is important for a good day..

I had 4 days open up for next week due to changes in peoples schedules and they all re-booked for later dates in April.  April open dates are 8,9,10,11,20,21,29,30..

Here are some pictures from Thursday/ Friday last week..We caught some nice trout and hooked some Steelhead over the weekend but like I said above boat traffic and bright sun got the best of us..The fish are in the system but some days they hide very well..

Tight Lines, Good Luck Fishing 

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  1. Notice the overcast skys and fogged up camera shots.. That's 34 deg and and rain / snow mix days..That's REAL Steelhead fishing weather...Cold, wet misurable days are best !!