Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Run Is Still Going

Hi All

The Steelhead run is still going...a.m. and p.m. is best...clouds are better than sun...We could use some warm rain... The rain would get the mushroom hunting better, knock the dust down and give us a little push of fresh chrome fish.. River is clear and clean...You can't count the rocks on the bottom of the holes but it's not far off...Pocket water and holes are fishing well. The streamer bite is picking up as the water is reaching nearly 50 deg some days..

I have been fly fishing here and the Muskegon the last couple weeks...It's really been up to the customers...Here on the P.M. it's been more Trout than Steelhead on the MO. it's been more Steelhead than Trout so it's a coin flip..P.M is way more peaceful...Boat traffic has been about the same...Both have been fishing good...

I have lots of great dates open to guide Trout or the last of the Steelhead run...The weather is finally nice and I think were in the clear for Spring to show up..Call 231-745-6667 to book your rooms and trip dates...
Thanks for a Great Spring so far to our great customers !! Get some dates in the books for Trout Season...May and June are the best trout fishing !!

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