Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Early Start To Winter

Hi All

Well Winter is back. YUCK...I have been out fishing in it and plowing already..FUN FUN...The fish were not yet accumulated to the sudden cool down. So it has been a little slow. It is pretty for the first hour then it's just cold...Having the right gear is KEY to comfort and survival... For me it starts with Simms extrem wading socks($25), then Simms fleece wading pant( $100), in a pair of Cabelas 1600mg. boot foot 5 mil. waders( $225) is my lower half..Top half is T- shirt, Simms long sleeve poly turtleneck($75), Simms windproof fleece jacket($225), Patagonia Arctic water proof down filled puff coat with the hood($450), on my head is the one and only Leather Waterproof Bommer Rabbit Eared Crowncap from Winnipeg ,Canada($75)..On my hands are waterproof snowmobile style Ice Armor Ice fishing gloves($100) or Keni fleece/ neoprene fingerless gloves($20) while fishing..Add it all up and I wear about $1200--$1300 + or -  of stuff..Worth every single penny!! This gear is for snow flys till snow is gone..November --Early April...Yea it's a lot of gear and $$ but I laugh at the cold while wearing it..Hope you find some of these items way under your Christmas Tree...No peeking...

Jeff and I hit the water for a couple hours before the crap hit the fan and there was some good color to the water that day right after a recent rain..Jeff hit his male on the swing and I served up a egg fly to a hen..Had brave clients for Sunday and Monday 16th./17th. in the first real cold snap of the year..Thanks for hanging in there Phil and John, we were rewarded with a 30"+ Lake Run Brown..Good Luck Deer Hunting and Fishing also Happy Thanksgiving everyone..

Tight Lines

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