Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fun

July 16th. 2013

Hi All

Summer is here!! It's 90 + deg. today and feels much hotter with the sun and humidity..I have been Smallmouth fishing with a friend and client Pete Hodgman the last couple days. Pete had a new boat built very similar to my power drifter by Headwater Boats..The hull is the exact same the inside is set up a little diffrent..Pete specilizes in Smallmouth and Carp flyfishing and guides Grand Travers Bay and Huron River down state goldenbonefish.com..If you want to get into some great warm water fishing he's got them diled in. I tied on 2 of his streamer patterns and caught 2 smallies at a time. I noticed almost every Smallmouth had another smallie chasing it while hooked up. The fish behind was looking for scraps so I gave them a scrap..hehe..It was a roaster both days on the water 85 -90 deg and full sun. Thank god for sunblock..

I had some Trout trips last week I took out Steve and Pete E.. There trip was timed perfectly with the weather. We had a 1.5" of rain the day before and they like to throw streamers. The fish were very happy about the fresh water and they had a good bite and chase with a little color with the extra flow. They landed 7 Brown Trout 12"-16" and had a 24" and a 20" on and both came unbuttoned..2 days later the bite was lack lustered for clients Tim and Ryan we tried streamers for half the day and then switched to dries and nymphing for the rest of the day and boated a Largemouth Bass on a streamer lost another 20" Brown on a streamer and landed 4 or 5 Browns on dries. Both days the weather was great but on Pete and Steve's trip we had clouds 1/2 the day which helps a bunch..

The rest of this week will be spent scouting on the big lake for the upcomming tournaments. The Ludington Offshore Classic is this weekend. I fish aboard Pole Dancer. 2 other friends fish it as well Dew Crew and Katch Me..It will be fun. We caught a few fish on Saturday scouting with the Dew Crew but failed to find any real honey hole. Some decient fishing is setting up offshore in  400 foot of water. Fish up north around Manistee and Frankfort have been big big. Reports of a 27.25 lb. Laker was caught last week and a 31 lb. King this week..Lots of Kings in the 24-26 lb. catagory have been caught out of Ludington. Looks like a good year for big fish shaping up.

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  1. Fishing on the PM and Manistee are good. It's great fun catching all diffrent kinds of fish all diffrent ways..