Monday, June 17, 2013

Saginaw Bay Walleye

June 17th. 2013

Hi All

Been just hanging out around here doing some dirt biking, a little Trout fishing. Went over to Saginaw Bay to fish Walleye with my friends John Robinson, Brad Duptner and Tom and we cleaned there clocks. Hands down the best Walleye fishing in the state. First night was a shake down and we hit 14 keepers and one throw back..The next a.m. we started at 8:30 setting lines and had a 4 man limit of 20 keepers by 1 p.m. and threw back 16+ fish and had a bunch of other hookups of missing or half chewed worms..Only one off species, 6 lb. catfish was caught. no Sheepheads,Bass,Pike or Perch...We'll have to make it back over there..Whata fishery 2 hours away..

The rest of this week is down state Detroit area Musky fishing and a Tiger game vs Baltimore on Tuesday..Musky fishing I'm going out trolling with Heatwave Charters and then 2 days of throwing BIG flies Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly tied up for me for Musky and Pike..Can't wait to try his flies..Wish me luck..I'll post next week some Musky pictures from LSC..

Tight Lines

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  1. Walleye fishing has been great on Saginaw Bay..If you want Walleye fishing it's game on!